Ongoing Club-Sanctioned Buys

The following vendors have been reviewed by the Montavilla Food Buying Club Steering Committee and approved to sell to MFBC club members.

For more information, please contact the MFBC buy manager for each vendor/product.

Vendor                                       Product(s)                                         Buy Manager

Azure Standard                        see catalog                                        Elizabeth Cramer  & Roger Warren

Bavaria Mills                             gluten free baked goods                  Amy Bean

Café Mam                                  coffee                                                  Amy Bean

Eckler Mountain Meats/
Tanya Patton                            beef                                                    Chana & Avima Andler

Frontier                                     see catalog                                          Amy Bean

Heritage Farms NW                pork                                                    Wendy Parker

Hummingbird                           see catalog                                          Amy Bean

Little Gnome Farm                  CSA                                                     Amy Bean

PD Farms/Phil Greif                produce, garlic, beef & more          Chana & Avima Andler