MFBC SellerPact

Please note that the Montavilla Food Buying Club is currently inactive, and is not accepting donations, new members or sellers at this time. Check back later for updates. 

I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions for selling through the MFBC list:

  • Be a member of Montavilla Food Buying Club in good standing, complete with signed Membership Agreement and this MFBC SellerPact.
  • Accept full responsibility for placing accurate orders with producers, collecting buyer payments, and maintaining accurate buyer payment records for all sales I offer through the MFBC list.
  • Respond to any MFBC member question about my listing by phone or email within 24 hours of the time it is asked unless other arrangements have been made.  If out of town or otherwise unavailable to respond within the 24 hour window, I will arrange to have someone else to act in my stead.
  • Clearly communicate to my buyers in advance in writing the payment deadline and what I will do if their payment is late.
  • Clearly communicate to my buyers in advance in writing about the acceptable “window of time” for them to pick-up the product after it is delivered, how to contact me in the event they are delayed, and what I will do after the “window of time” for pick-ups has passed.
  • Communicate directly with my buyers, the MFBC steering committee, and the MFBC list if/when the terms of my sale change (delays, missing product, damaged product etc).
  • Communicate directly with my buyers about any grievances or problems.
  • Offer refunds to buyers in a timely fashion for products that don’t arrive or if there is an issue with my vendor.
  • Maintain my pick-up location(s) in a tidy, clean and organized fashion.
  • Be onhand to oversee product pick-up unless I have arranged in advance with my buyers to handle it differently.
  • Make it easy for buyers to find the product(s) they purchased and to weigh/measure their purchases (if needed).
  • Function as an ethical individual in all dealings with MFBC members & the MFBC steering committee
  • Respond to any questions or inquiries from the MFBC Steering Committee within 24 hours.
  • If a one-time/occasional seller, comply with all rules and guidelines outlined on the one-time/occasional sellers’ webpage.
  • If a repeat/ongoing seller, comply with all rules and guidelines outlined on the repeat/ongoing sellers’ webpage.

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