Membership Agreement

Please note that the Montavilla Food Buying Club is currently inactive, and is not accepting donations or new members at this time. Check back later for updates. 

Overview of Responsibilties

Sellers/Buy Managers accept responsibility for placing orders, collecting payments, organizing products, maintaining good records, prompt response to questions and clear communication about all purchases they offer to the MFBC Members.

Buyers/Members accept responsibility for clear communication, prompt payment, accurate weight/measurements and timely pick-up of all purchases made through the MFBC Sellers/Buy Managers.

Both Buyers/Members and Sellers/Buy Managers accept RISK for loss, theft, bad product and matters beyond control with vendors, farmers, ranchers and other providers of products.

Communication is Key!  Open lines of communication are essential to this community-based club.  Please remember, the success of the MFBC depends on your cooperation, flexibility, patience and enthusiasm for the process!

Membership Agreement

In order to be an MFBC member and purchase food through the Montavilla Food Buying Club, I agree to:

  1. Pay my Annual Membership Dues ($10 individual/$15 family) and submit/return this signed Membership Agreement.
  2. Sign up to receive notifications about buys via the MFBC Yahoo Group or other sources as they become available.
  3. Read through the Information for New/First-time Buyers.
  4. Only place orders if I will have sufficient funds to pay for them.
  5. Pay for my order on time. I have read the Late Payment & Pick-Up Policy and understand that non-payment or chronic late payments may result in suspension of my participation in the MFBC.
  6. Pick up my orders on time, making advance arrangements with the Seller/Buy Manager if unable to do so.  I have read the Late Payment & Pick-Up Policy carefully and understand that late pick-ups—particularly if chronic—may result in the loss of my order and/or suspension of my participation in the MFBC.
  7. Respect the generosity of Sellers/Buy Managers, who maintain a space in their home or garage for MFBC products and activities. I will clean up after myself, offer to help sort or weigh products if needed, and break down and recycle boxes if needed.
  8. When picking up orders, mark my order off the list to indicate that I have picked it up
  9. Measure and weigh my products carefully. I realize that if I am lax about this, someone else will be shorted, which is unfair and will eventually drive the cost of products up and penalize everyone.
  10. Bring it to the attention of the Seller/Buy Manager, if I have a problem with an order. I understand that the Buy Managers have entered into a working relationship with the vendors they represent, and it is their role to work toward resolving problems.  So, I will not contact vendors (like Frontier or Hummingbird) directly regarding problems, but will instead work out any problems with my order through the Buy Manager.

NOTE: If you are interested in SELLING products through the MFBC—on either an occasional or ongoing basis—you must also read the Sellers Information and sign the Sellers Pact.