Late Payment and Pickup Policies

It happens. Life gets super busy, kids get sick, work gets crazy, paychecks are late or we just plain forget.

As Steering Committee members, we get it. We know that sometimes these things happen.  But since the purpose of the Montavilla Food Buying Club is to provide our neighborhood with a way to purchase nutritious foods at lower prices—and late payments/late pickups jeopardize that process—there need to be some rules we all agree to follow. No exceptions.

Late Payments
When the Buy Manager/Seller lists a buy, one of the pieces of information he/she will provide you with is when your payment is due and what forms of payment he/she accepts.  Almost all group buys have to be paid in full to the vendor at the time the order is placed by the Buy Manager. When orders have to be dropped close to the deadline and this brings the order below the vendor’s minimum, it can delay the entire order.

When an order is placed on your behalf and you have not paid, you are asking the Buy Manager to extend you a loan—for FREE.  This is not just a hassle. It is putting an unfair burden on someone who is doing us all a favor and making it possible for us to get great food at lower prices. We all need to remember that the MFBC Buy Managers cannot afford to use their own money to cover payments for people who are late and should not be expected to.  They should also not be forced to have to nag/remind anyone into making their payment!


1. If you do not already have the funds on hand to cover what you are ordering, please do not place an order.

2. If something unexpected comes up and you realize that you will have a problem meeting the payment deadline on a buy that you have already placed an order with, you must let the Buy Manager know immediately.  There may be a day or so to allow you extra time.  If not, your order may need to be dropped

3. If you are late with your payment and have not been in contact with your Buy Manager BEFORE the payment deadline, you may be subject to a 25% late fee and/or suspension of your buying privileges—particularly if this happens repeatedly.

So the bottom line is: we all must pay in full on time and if this is going to be a problem for you, please do not order!

Late Pick-Ups
Each seller/buy manager will tell you where and when to pick up your order.  We realize that pickup deadlines may not always be convenient and that sometimes life gets in the way

However, most Sellers/Buy Managers are working with limited space, and have several orders going at once.  Perishable foods don’t last, and adequate refrigeration or freezer space is usually not available.  Non-perishable food may be subject to roaming critters, or attract vermin if left out too long.


1. Frozen or items that require refrigeration must be picked up within the exact time window specified by the buy manager/seller unless you have made other arrangements with the buy manager/seller.

2. Perishable items (like eggs or produce) should be picked up as close to the specified time as possible, but always within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made with the buy manager/seller.

3. Non-perishable items should also be picked up as close to the specified time as possible, but always within 3 days unless other arrangements have been made with the buy manager/seller.

4. Products not picked up within the specified time frames may be donated to a local food bank or re-sold by the buy manager/seller. Since you will not be eligible for a refund on these orders, please make sure you pick up your order on time (or make other arrangements beforehand with the buy manager/seller!)

5. Last, but not least, the Montavilla Food Buying Club and its Buy Managers are not responsible for any loss, damage or spoilage that occurs due to late pick-ups. Members who are chronically late with their pick-ups may also lose their buying privileges.

So please, pick up on time!