Info for One Time/Occasional Sellers

We like it that members bring new and interesting products to the MFBC list and we want to encourage them to do so.  On the other hand, we also need to ensure that all products offered through the MFBC list meet the same high standards for transparency, quality, timeliness, customer service, and how the sales are managed. So everyone wishing to sell through the MFBC list must agree to follow the MFBC sellers guidelines in order to be able to list a product for sale.

This information is for sellers who will be offering a product for sale through the MFBC list on a one-time or very occasional basis. If you will be offering a product for sale on a repeating or ongoing basis, please see the information sheet for repeat/ongoing sellers.

One-time or very occasional sales do NOT have to be formally reviewed and approved by the MFBC steering committee. However, all the rules for one-time/occasional sales contained in this document must be carefully followed.

Listing a Product for Sale
When you list a product for sale through the MFBC list, you are entering into a contract with the members who order the product you are representing.
Full disclosure is necessary not only for your own protection, but also for the protection of the members who will be entrusting you with their money.

Your product listing must include clear and detailed information about:

  • the product and how it was produced
  • the producer (farm/ranch/other)
  • the producer’s phone, email, website and address so interested buyers may check them out if they wish to
  • the cost of the product & forms of payment you accept
  • the quantities you have available
  • how to order it and any ordering deadlines
  • the pick-up date(s) and location(s)
  • your contact information: name + a minimum of two contact methods (email, cell phone, home phone etc).

It is also considered neighborly to disclose any fees or mark-ups you will be adding to your orders.

It is important for you to realize that you are acting independently and not as a MFBC club-sanctioned seller, whose vendors have been reviewed and approved by the MFBC steering committee.

This means that you will need to handle all disputes and problems with your sales (and bear all costs/potential losses) on your own, since those sales are not club-sanctioned and would not be appropriate for the MFBC steering committee to mediate. Additionally, the MFBC can accept no responsibility or liability for loss or theft of products, payments or other damages incurred as a result of your actions or actions of other MFBC members.

Additional Requirements
Being able to offer a product for sale through the MFBC list is a privilege not a right. In order to do so you must:

  • Be a member of Montavilla Food Buying Club in good standing, complete with signed Membership Agreement and MFBC SellerPact.
  • Check to make sure there is not an open buy offering the same product.  For example, if you want to sell blueberries, if there is already a blueberry buy being offered on the list, you must wait till that buy CLOSES before offering your blueberries for sale.
  • Respond to any MFBC member question about your listing by phone or email within 24 hours of the time it is asked  unless other arrangements have been made (for example, you are away for the weekend and have assigned someone else to act in your stead).
  • Clearly communicate to your buyers in advance in writing the payment deadline and what you will do if their payment is late.
  • Clearly communicate to your buyers in advance in writing about the acceptable “window of time” for them to pick-up the product after it is delivered, how to contact you in the event they are delayed, and what you will do after the “window of time” for pick-ups has passed.
  • Communicate directly with your buyers and the MFBC list if/when the terms of your sale change (delays, missing product, damaged product etc).
  • Communicate directly with your buyers about any grievances or problems.
  • Offer refunds to members in a timely fashion for products that don’t arrive or if there is an issue with your vendor.
  • Maintain pick-up locations in a tidy, clean and organized fashion.
  • Be on hand to oversee product pick-up unless you have arranged in advance with your buyers to handle it differently.
  • Make it easy for buyers to find the product(s) they purchased and to weigh/measure their purchases (if needed).
  • Function as an ethical individual in all dealings with MFBC members & the MFBC steering committee