First Time Buyers

Please note that the Montavilla Food Buying Club is currently inactive, and is not accepting donations or new members at this time. Check back later for updates. 

Welcome to the Montavilla Food Buying Club!

The Montavilla FBC is always growing, evolving, and learning together. You are welcome to be as large or small a part of this buying club as you are comfortable! There is room for everyone!   Here is some information which should help you get started.


Steering Committee:
The MFBC Steering Committee meets approximately monthly at least ten times per year and is open to all MFBC members. Anyone may attend a steering committee meeting. The purpose of the steering committee is to encourage greater member participation, provide guidance to the all-volunteer club officers, and support the orderly operation of the club.

Any person of legal age may become a member.  Membership dues may be paid by check or through the website. Also, required are completing the MFBC sign-up form and the MFBC membership agreement, both of which can be done online or printed out and mailed to the MFBC secretary.

Membership Fee:
Our annual membership fee is $10 individual/$15 family, which can be paid by check or through the website. The money is used to pay MFBC expenses, like website hosting, PayPal fees, and printing flyers for tabling events.

Yahoo Group and Web access:
We use the Montavilla Food Buying Club Yahoo Group to communicate, post buys, order, update etc. Once you have paid your dues and completed the sign-up form and the membership agreement, you will be emailed an invitation to join the Yahoo group.

Suggestions for Success

1. Introduce yourself! We enjoy getting to know each other, sharing our skills and knowledge with other members. Please tell us who and where you are, what you hope to gain from being a member, how you might be able to contribute or share etc.

2. Please enter your information in the “Knowledge Sharing” database on the Yahoo group– this is where we have listed skills and resources that we are willing to share with other members. Canning, sewing, cooking, kitchen organization, crochet, communication skills; we run the gambit of talents.

3. Take a look at the “Files” section of the group website under the folder Beginner’s Corner you will see files for ordering instructions for many of our vendors.  Here is a link:

4.  Read the ordering instructions for each of the various accounts, and how to set up an account with a vendor, where needed.

5. Check the Calendar ( to see what buys are coming up – the “Month” tab is best for this.

6. The Database pages ( sometimes include current/in process group buys that you are welcome to join.  Many buys are combined with other groups to get the best prices, so watch your email for upcoming orders and deadlines.  Each account/buy manager will set his/her own guidelines and deadlines for orders and payments etc., so please read each listing carefully.

7. If you are ordering from anything other than Azure, you will owe somebody in the group money, generally whoever is in charge of that sale. Most of the time the information about how to pay will be included when you place your order, or the person managing the sale will post the information to the list. If you don’t know, ask!

8. About late payments. The Buy Manager/Seller will let you know when your payment is due and what forms of payment he/she accepts.  If you do not have the funds to cover what you are ordering, do not place an order. Many group buys have to be paid in full to the vendor at the time the order is placed. So missing or late payments can delay the order (or sometimes sabotage it altogether).  So you must pay in full on time and if this is going to be a problem for you, please do not order!

9. When paying with Paypal, always check first to make sure they accept Paypal and then use the “personal” tab and check the “payment owed” box when sending the money, from a funded account. This insures that fees aren’t deducted from the payment.

10. The seller (person leading a “buy”) may choose to add a fee to cover their time, effort, gas, expenses etc.  For more information about being a seller, please visit the information for sellers pages on the MFBC website.

11. Each seller/buy manager will tell you where and when to pick up your order.

  • Frozen items must be picked up at the exact time specified by the buy manager/seller unless you have made other arrangements with the buy manager/seller.
  • Perishable items (like eggs or produce) should be picked up as close to the specified time as possible, but always within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made with the buy manager/seller.
  • Non-perishable items should also be picked up as close to the specified time as possible, but always within 3 days unless other arrangements have been made with the buy manager/seller.

Products not picked up within the specified time frame may be donated to a local food bank or re-sold by the buy manager/seller. Since you will not be eligible for a refund, please make sure you pick up your order on time (or make other arrangements beforehand with the buy manager/seller!)

12. Ask questions! Someone is always around with an answer, or can help direct you to the place to find them.

Vendor Information

We order food and other grocery items from several local distributors, which are picked up at the time of delivery at various addresses in/around Montavilla.

Azure Standard

We are in transition in terms of our Azure Standard order, since our Azure buy manager has had to move. However, here is some basic information:  There is a $50 minimum order for each person or household, but you don’t have to order every time the group has a delivery. Don’t worry about our group order minimum as we seem to always make it. If you cannot make the personal minimum ask for an ordering buddy to combine your order with as Azure will tack on a $5.00 small order fee. The ordering instructions for Azure are under the Files tab Beginners Corner:

Bavaria Mills

This is a local, dedicated gluten-free bakery in Vancouver. We are able to buy in bulk for wholesale prices about twice per month, including bread, buns, pizza and pie crusts, bread crumbs and croutons, “quick” breads and muffins. Check the calendar for the order deadlines (normally the 2nd Tuesday of the month).


Local roaster of organic, fair trade coffee. Available in various roasts, flavors, and grinds, or whole bean. 5 pound minimum, we get a group discount (10% off) and free shipping. There is an order due the last Thursday of the month with delivery the following week:

Frontier Natural

You can find bulk herbs, spices, teas, herbal products, baking and cooking products and supplies, including general groceries, personal care items, pet supplies and more here. We put in a wholesale order once a month. The deadline for orders/payments is by the 10th of the month.  Your order will be dropped if payment is not received by midnight on the 10th or PRIOR arrangements have been made, deliveries come via UPS to an address in Montavilla about the 22nd – 24th of the month.  Look under the Files section under Frontier Information or use this link:

Hummingbird Wholesale

An Oregon local company dedicated to sustainable farming, conscientious sourcing and virtually all organic products, with many local sources of honey, grains, nuts & nut butters, oils, dried fruit, sweeteners, condiments, spices, etc.  Check the files section of the group site for the current price catalog, we order once per month when we meet the 200 pound minimum (usually the first week of the month).  Pick-up is the following Wednesday in Montavilla:

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts

We will join in with other food buying groups to purchase these, raw, roasted, and flavored hazelnuts as they become available:

Meat and Seafood

We can join in bulk wholesale meat and seafood (lamb, beef, bison, salmon, etc.) buying as it occurs.  Members will post the information to the group.  Orders must be picked up and paid for within the time period indicated by the buyer.

Other items such as blueberries, kefir, kombucha, seeds, plant starts and chickens are often traded among buying club members through the listserve. Keep an eye out for buys and don’t be afraid to ask questions!